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Jox Gomoku — Noughts and Crosses online

(Japanese 五目並べ; Chinese 五子棋, Korean 오목)

Jox Gomoku is a implementation of the Japanese logical game Gomoku, also known as "five in a row", "tic tac toe", "Noughts and Crosses" or "connect five".

Here is JAVA APPLET with Jox Gomoku game.
It requires Java installed in your web browser.

Artificial Intelligence / Computational Intelligence

The most exciting thing about Jox Gomoku is that in level 3 it doesn't search any game tree. It is one depth search only (one ply). For all possible moves heuristic weights are computed. Computer chooses the move with the highest weight. That's all. So simple, so beautiful.

About Jox Gomoku

The winner is who gets first exactly five symbols in a unbroken row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). On this page you can play on 19x19 board.

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